JJazzLab 2 Release Notes

Main new features

  • New chord symbol interpretation options
    Fine tune the rendering at the chord symbol level: stronger accent, add crash cymbal, pedal bass, etc.
  • New tempo factor parameter
    Slow down/accelerate parts of the song
  • Band-in-a-Box (.sgu/.mgu) and MusicXml files import (.xml)
    Directly reuse 1000’s of Band-in-a-box song files, see this help page for details.
  • Any rhythm can be used for any time signature
    Genesis and prog. rock fans can keep their 44 rock beat on 34 or 74 measures!
  • Fully customizable click and precount
    Drummers should be happy ;-)
  • New song memo editor
    Save text notes with your song
  • Plus many various improvements and bug fixes…

2.1.2a Details

[enhancement] BIAB import : notify user about time signature limitation #86
[enhancement] Add a Song Memo editor #11

[bug-fix] Mac/Linux: Shot option checkbox is hidden in the Chord Symbol Edit dialog #96 *(2.1.2a)*
[bug-fix] Mac: typing a chord symbol from the chord lead sheet preselects first char in the bar edit dialog #97 *(2.1.2a)*
[bug-fix] MixConsole window disappears after exception #83
[bug-fix] In multi-time signature song, silent exception when removing a section #89
[bug-fix] Assertion error when adding a rhythm which makes song exceed 16 Midi channels #87
[bug-fix] Changing Midi channel of user channel in mix console makes user channel disappear #91
[bug-fix] Can't add 3/4 song part in a multi-rhythm song with adapted rhythm #93
[bug-fix] Parameters from previous song part are not reused when adding a song part in some cases #94
[bug-fix] User Midi channel is not restored when loading song from file #92
[bug-fix] JJazzLab does not ask to change time signature for the whole song if using bar edit dialog #88
[bug-fix] Can't read synth name with a leading space in .ins files #85

2.1.1 Details

[bug-fix] MixConsole window disappears after exception #83

2.1.0 Details

[enhancement] If multiple songs open, closing the active song should automatically activate a new one #82
[enhancement] Changing time signature on 1st bar should change time signature for the whole song #80
[enhancement] When upgrading, import user settings from previous installed version #78
[enhancement] Save editors zoom factor with the song #75
[enhancement] Make song part fonts/colors editable #74
[enhancement] Add possibility to launch JJazzLab with file names arguments (enabling file association) #73
[enhancement] Improve Show/Hide Parameters dialog when multi-rhythm song #62
[enhancement] Add keyboard shortcut ctrl-W to close a song #60
[enhancement] Improve packaged rhythms: less but better #59
[enhancement] Add possibility to keep the same rhythm with different time signature #58
[enhancement] Add new chord interpretation options: stronger, crash/no crash, bass pedal, extended hold/shot #57
[enhancement] Add Band In Box song files (.sgu/.mgu) import capability #53
[enhancement] Show Output Synth configuration #52
[enhancement] Show a tooltip on Mute values in Song Part editor's list #44
[enhancement] Add a Reset to factory settings button #42
[enhancement] Add a Change Tempo song part parameter #41
[enhancement] Add chord symbols markers in exported Midi files #40
[enhancement] Add a "Remove rhythm" action for multi-rhythm songs #39
[enhancement] Allow manual configuration of precount bars #34
[enhancement] Export to Midi file should take into account muted instruments #32
[enhancement] Add Click configuration option #31

[bug-fix] ctrl-space (Play from here) does not work from MixConsole #81
[bug-fix] Wrong chord symbol position when switching from 4/4 to 3/4 #79
[bug-fix] Last opened song or new song not activated #72
[bug-fix] 2nd chord symbol wrongly placed on waltz swing styles #71
[bug-fix] New song/open song action does not replace the current active song #70
[bug-fix] Wrong notes played sometimes with hold chord symbols #69
[bug-fix] Chord harmony settings are sometimes ignored #68
[bug-fix] Tijuana.s638.prs generates InvalidArgumentException #65
[bug-fix] TimeSignature change not exported in Midi file #64
[bug-fix] Exception when playing a multi-rhythm song that contains a "dummy rhythm" #63
[bug-fix] Bass root sometimes not played for 2nd chord in a single bar #56
[bug-fix] NPE when selecting a melodic instrument on a rhythm/perc channel #55
[bug-fix] Song part editor disappeared #50
[bug-fix] Intensity parameter seems to have no effect on accented chords #48
[bug-fix] Chord edit dialog using right-click menu always display E chord #47
[bug-fix] Assertion error when editing A7 chord in Europa song #38
[bug-fix] Channel not disabled when drums rerouting enabled in multi-rhythm song #37
[bug-fix] Transpose instrument not taken into account on one channel #36
[bug-fix] Transpose instrument does not work when testing instrument sound #35
[bug-fix] Percussion instrument not selected with multi-rhythm song #33

2.0 Main new features

  • Better sounds thanks to the new high-quality JJazzLab SoundFont
  • Ready-to-use presets for VirtualMIDISynth (Windows) or FluidSynth (Linux)
  • Better rendering of Yamaha styles (full SFF1 & SFF2 format support)
  • Better organization of song and rhythm files
  • Automatic notification of JJazzLab software updates
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Known issues

  • When using the Java Internal Synth on Mac OSX, the audio can lag sometimes 2 or 3 secondes behind
  • Drums instrument selection with the JazzLab SoundFont and the Java Internal Synth does not work well.