JJazzLab 2.3 Release Notes

Main new features

  • Available in English, French, Chinese, German
    JJazzLab in Chinese
    We need your help to translate JJazzLab into other languages. We use the Crowdin platform which makes it easy.  

  • Extended style creation wizard
    Make your own Yamaha extended styles using your preferred Midi editor or DAW (Cubase, Reaper, Ableton, etc.).
    Extended style creation video tutorial  

  • Tempo can now be adjusted at song part level by 1% steps
    Adjust tempo

  • External links in song memo
    Insert file or internet links in the memo, they will be automatically opened when loading the song.
    Song memo links

  • Show varation length
    The tooltip of a song part shows the length of the source phrase (musical pattern) of the variation.  
    Display variation length

  • Enable/Disable all Midi parameters
    In some cases you might prefer to control the instrument selection and the mix outside of JJazzLab. In this case you can disable from the mix console menu the transmission of all Midi parameter messages.  
    Enable/Disable all Midi parameters

2.3.1 Details

[enhancement] Complete internationalization #4
[enhancement] Add a wizard to create a .yjz extended style file ready to be customized #156
[enhancement] Make tempo factor adjustable by 1% steps (right now +/- 5%) #160
[enhancement] Add a way to easily switch off all non musical Midi messages when mix is done outside of JJazzLab #153
[enhancement] Show the source phrase bar length for a Yamaha-style rhythm variation #151
[enhancement] During playback of large leadsheet, auto scroll (to make playing bar visible) before reaching the last visible row #148
[enhancement] Add html links support in Song memo #147
[enhancement] Add feature usage analytics #177
[enhancement] Export to Midi file should take into account precount and click settings. #146
[enhancement] Rhythm selection dialog should show a convenient rhythm ordering by default #155

[bug] MixConsole disappears if song .mix file is not consistent with .sng file #182
[bug] Song structure editor lost if tab is closed but action is cancelled via the confirm dialog #181
[bug] 7M note should not be played on piano/guitar tracks for simple chord symbols like Am or C #180
[bug] Remove initial section make wrong song parts disappear #173
[bug] Toggle playback click on/off has no effect if song is not playing #157
[bug] Clear filter in rhythm selection dialog does not work when rhythm preview is ON #154
[bug] IndexOutOfBoundsException when using the GS standard bank in Output Synth #152
[bug] Export to Midi does not work well if song is playing #149
[bug] Force Section at New Line sometimes not enabled when bar is selected #108
[bug] In bar edit dialog, wrong erroneous chord symbol highlighted if multiple chord symbols #98

Known issues

  • When using the Java Internal Synth on MacOS, the audio can lag sometimes 2 or 3 secondes behind.
  • Drums instrument selection with the JazzLab SoundFont and the Java Internal Synth does not work well.
  • Dark theme does not work on MacOS