JJazzLab 2.0 Release Notes

JJazzLab 2.0.1 bug-fix release

  • Improve robustness of Yamaha style reading
  • Fix Null pointer exception if Play selection on a multi-rhythm song
  • Log the rhythm file processed
  • Fix null pointer exception when reading .cfg file
  • Fix slash chord bass note not rendered correctly in some cases
  • Fix Improvisor importer assertion error

What’s new in 2.0

New dedicated JJazzLab SoundFont

  • JJazzLab-SoundFont.sf2 optimized for JJazzLab
  • High-quality GM sounds + extra sounds + XG compatible drum kits
  • Tested with VirtualMIDISynth on Windows, FluidSynth on Linux, Java Internal Synth

Better rendering of Yamaha styles

  • Automatic selection of the most relevant instruments
  • XG-compatible drums: this dramatically improves the rendering of many Yamaha styles
  • Automatic drums/percussion key map remapping from XG key map to GM/GM2/GS key maps
  • Yamaha SFF2 support: now 100% of Yamaha styles can be read. This gives you access to thousands of files.
  • Accept .sty, .prs, .bcs and .sst extensions

300 embedded Yamaha styles

Output Synth Editor

Edit the Output Synth capabilities of the Midi synth connected to the output of JJazzLab. This helps JJazzLab automatically recommend the most relevant instruments for each rhythm. This is also used to automatically remap XG drums to non-XG drums.

  • Ready-to-use presets: JJazzLab-SoundFont+VirtualMIDISYnth/FluidSynth/Java Internal Synth, GM, Yamaha Tyros
  • Load/Save Output Synth configurations
  • Default instruments
  • “Augmented” Cakewalk instrument definition files (.ins)

Midi configuration Wizard updated

  • Fast track if using the recommended JJazzLab SoundFont

JJazzLab User Directory

  • Upon startup create a JJazzLab directory in the user home directory
  • Contains the rhythm files, the user songs and the example songs
  • The rhythm directory can be organized with subdirectories. Subdirs starting with ‘_’ are ignored.
  • By default the rhythm default mix directory is the user rhythm directory

Rhythm selection dialog

  • Better information on available rhythms
  • Possibility to add rhythm files for the current JazzLab session, e.g. for testing them

Multi-rhythm songs

  • Automatically select sounds to have a smooth transition between 2 rhythms

Auto update

JJazzLab will automatically detect if the software needs to be updated. User is notified and if OK updates are automatically installed.

Main bug fixes

  • Chord symbols with “°” can’t be read from song file
  • Mix console empty when removing a rhythm from a multi-rhythm song
  • Recent file list not working properly
  • Precount button null-pointer exception

Compatibility issues with JJazzLab 1.0

The .mix files created with JJazzLab 1.0 can not be read by JJazzLab 2.0. JazzLab 2.0 will ignore the old .mix file and create a new mix instead.