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JJazzLab 3.2.1 (April 11, 2022)

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Latest new features

  • Learn faster with tempo auto-increase
    Select some measures you want to practice, JJazzLab plays them slowly then gradually increase the tempo at each loop.

  • Toggle compact/full view in song structure editor
    Use the new button (or press V) to switch between the full view or the compact view which hides some rhythm parameters.

  • New Drums Transform rhythm parameter
    For example make the hi-hat louder in the intro song part, or add a tambourine phrase in 1-click.

  • New Custom Phrase rhythm parameter
    For example use your own bass line for the chorus song part.

  • Notes viewer
    See notes of the selected chord symbol on a piano keyboard or using guitar diagrams. See real-time notes from the backing track.

  • User tracks
    For example add a melody to your song.

  • (Pseudo) Arranger keyboard mode
    Select a song part, press the Arranger Play button and JJazzLab will recognize the chords received on Midi input and update the backing track accordingly.

  • Improvisation help
    JJazzLab generates guidelines in your chord leadsheet for selected improvisation exercises.

  • And many more…
    Midi remote commands, Midi file export via drag & drop, adjust audio latency, new keyboard shortcuts, etc.

See the RELEASE NOTES for more details.

Installation instructions

Online doc:

Step-by-step setup instructions video (Windows only). Thanks to John at GuitarBasement!

Installation video Windows


Windows 64-bit version: JJazzLab-3.2.1-Win64-Setup.exe

Windows 32-bit version: JJazzLab-3.2.1-Win32-Setup.exe

Linux x64:

Mac OSX x64:

Mac OSX aarch64: (for Apple computers using the new M1 processor)

If you get a Windows Smart Screen alert, click on More info, this will let you run the installer anyway. JJazzLab is NOT a malware!

Because version 3 is brand new, Windows security servers don’t have enough statistics to evaluate its “security reputation”. Alert will disappear soon, once enough people have run the software.

Recommended downloads to get the best out of JJazzLab:

JJazzLab SoundFont: JJazzLab-SoundFont.sf2

VirtualMidiSynth soundfont player: VirtualMIDISynth (for Windows users only)

Free software !

You can use JJazzLab for free as long as you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement. JJazzLab contains open source components (see below) governed by specific licenses which are available (with source code) via the JJazzLab-X project.


Let us be grateful to the people and projects that are or were a part of JJazzLab, or those who had contributed to it in some way.