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JJazzLab 3.0-Beta1 (November 11, 2021)

This version is available for Beta-testers only.

JJazzLab 3.0-Beta1

JJazzLab 2.3 Stable (February 2, 2021)

JJazzLab Spain Demo     JJazzLab Light     JJazzLab Dark

The backing track used in the video can be downloaded from the JJazzLab forum.

  • Available in English, French, Chinese, German
    English   French   Chinese   German  
  • Extended style creation wizard
    Make your own Yamaha extended styles using your preferred DAW (Midi editor). Check out the video tutorial.
    Extended style creation video tutorial
  • External links in the song memo
    Insert file or internet links in the memo, they will be automatically opened when loading the song
  • Plus many various improvements and bug fixes
    Export to Midi now reuses click settings, show variation bar length, new styles, …

See the RELEASE NOTES for more information.


Windows 32-bit version: JJazzLab-2.3.1-Win32-Setup.exe

Windows 64-bit version: JJazzLab-2.3.1-Win64-Setup.exe

Linux x64:

Mac OSX:

If you get a Windows Smart Screen alert, click on More info, this will let you run the installer anyway. JJazzLab is NOT a malware!

Because version 2.3 is brand new, Windows security servers don’t have enough statistics to evaluate its “security reputation”. Alert will disappear soon, once enough people have run the software.

Recommended downloads to get the best out of JJazzLab 2 :

JJazzLab SoundFont: JJazzLab-SoundFont.sf2

VirtualMidiSynth soundfont player: VirtualMIDISynth (for Windows users only)

Installation instructions


Free software !

You can use JJazzLab for free as long as you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement. JJazzLab contains open source components (see below) governed by specific licenses which are available (with source code) via the JJazzLab-X project.


Let us be grateful to the people and projects that are or were a part of JJazzLab, or those who had contributed to it in some way.