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Free software !

You can use JJazzLab for free as long as you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement. JJazzLab contains open source components (see below) governed by specific licenses which are available (with source code) via the JJazzLab-X project.

I like JJazzLab and I want to keep it free, how can I help ?

Download JJazzLab installer for Windows

32-bit version: JJazzLab32-1.0.4-Win-Setup.exe

64-bit version: JJazzLab64-1.0.4-Win-Setup.exe

The 32-bit version works on all Windows versions. The 64-bit version works only on 64-bit Windows versions.

IMPORTANT - If you get a security alert
JJazzLab is NOT a malware ! This page explains what to do.

Download JJazzLab for Linux

Unzip the package. Start JJazzLab using bin/jjazzlab in the installation directory. Visit the Linux configuration help page.

Download JJazzLab for Mac OS X

Unzip the package and open it to start JJazzLab.

IMPORTANT - If you get a security alert
JJazzLab is NOT a malware ! Using the Finder, select the JJazzLab package, ctrl-click menu, Open: this will give you the choice to open the application in spite of the security alert.


Let us be grateful to the people and projects that are or were a part of JJazzLab, or those who had contributed to it in some way.

  • JJazzLab-X: The infrastructure of JJazzLab is available as an open-source framework.
  • Apache Netbeans: For the powerful IDE and modular application framework.
  • XStream: for the XML serialization
  • JFugue: for the Midi file parsing
  • Peter Wierzba, Michael P. Bedesem, Jørgen Sørensen/jososoft: for the precious information about the Yamaha style file format
  • Incava: for the diff algorithm
  • InnoSetup: for the installer
  • My family: for the too many evenings and week-ends spent on this project