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JJazzLab 2.2.0 (Sept 24, 2020)

JJazzLab Spain Demo     JJazzLab 2.2 Light     JJazzLab 2.2 Dark

The backing track used in the video can be downloaded from the JJazzLab forum.

  • Rhythm preview
    Helps you pick the right rhythm
  • Reduced startup time
    Your rhythm/style files are scanned only upon fresh install
  • Transposed playback
    For transposing instrument players such as sax or trumpet players
  • Print song
    Print the chord lead sheet and/or the song structure
  • More visible link between a song part and its parent section
    The song part reuses the color of its parent section, and time signature is shown
  • New dark graphics theme
    With many possible font/color customizations (Windows and Linux only)
  • Plus many various improvements and bug fixes
    Change tempo shortcuts, better handling of trackpad, …

See the RELEASE NOTES for more information.


Windows 32-bit version: JJazzLab-2.2.0-Win32-Setup.exe

Windows 64-bit version: JJazzLab-2.2.0-Win64-Setup.exe

Linux x64:

Mac OSX:

Recommended downloads to get the best out of JJazzLab 2 :

JJazzLab SoundFont: JJazzLab-SoundFont.sf2

VirtualMidiSynth soundfont player: VirtualMIDISynth (for Windows users only)

Windows Installation instructions

Download and run the setup program. Choose “Install for me only” if you don’t have administration rights on your computer. If you get a security alert this page explains what to do.

Visit the VirtualMIDISynth help page for instructions how to use JJazzLab with VirtualMIDISynth and the JJazzLab SoundFont.

Linux Installation instructions

Unzip the package. Start JJazzLab using bin/jjazzlab in the installation directory.

Visit the FluidSynth help page for instructions how to use JJazzLab with FluidSynth and the JJazzLab SoundFont.

Mac OSX Installation instructions

Unzip the package and open it to start JJazzLab. If you get a security alert : using the Finder, select the JJazzLab package, ctrl-click menu, Open, this will give you the choice to open the application in spite of the security alert.

NOTE: On Mac OSX the JJazzLab SoundFont can be loaded in the Java Internal Synth. Visit the Java Internal Synth help page for more info. The Java Internal Synth may have performance issues when playing too many notes in parallel. There is also a known Java bug (not JJazzLab) which may cause some audio lag during playback.

Free software !

You can use JJazzLab for free as long as you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement. JJazzLab contains open source components (see below) governed by specific licenses which are available (with source code) via the JJazzLab-X project.


Let us be grateful to the people and projects that are or were a part of JJazzLab, or those who had contributed to it in some way.

  • JJazzLab-X: The infrastructure of JJazzLab is available as an open-source framework.
  • Apache Netbeans: For the powerful IDE and modular application framework.
  • XStream: for the XML serialization
  • JFugue: for the Midi file parsing
  • Peter Wierzba, Michael P. Bedesem, Jørgen Sørensen/jososoft: for the precious information about the Yamaha style file format
  • Incava: for the diff algorithm
  • InnoSetup: for the installer
  • John Nebauer: for the SGM-v2.01-NicePianosGuitarsBass SoundFont which served as a basis for the JJazzLab SoundFont.
  • FluidSynth: for the SoundFont synth on Linux
  • CoolSoft: for VirtualMIDISynth on Windows
  • Matt Finley: for the help on the Band-In-A-Box import feature
  • My family: for the too many evenings and week-ends spent on this project