Yamaha Style Files

The YamJJazz engine is able to read Yamaha style files (.sty, .prs) at the SFF1 format. You can find thousands of style files on the web, most of them for free. Visit the resources page for useful links.

Yamaha styles usually have 4 variations Main A, Main B, Main C, Main D, plus some Intros and Endings.

Each variation can use up to 7 tracks:

  • Rhythm (e.g. drums)
  • Sub-rhythm (e.g. percussion)
  • Bass
  • Chord1 (e.g. piano or guitar)
  • Chord2 (e.g. piano or guitar)
  • Pad (e.g. strings)
  • Phrase1 (e.g. Brass)
  • Phrase2

SFF1 and SFF2 Yamaha style files

A Yamaha style file (.sty, .prs) can be at the SFF1 or SFF2 format. JJazzLab can read SFF1 Yamaha style files, i.e. the style files used by the Yamaha Tyros 1 and 2 and most of the PSR keyboards.

Keyboards from Tyros 3 and some recent PSR use the newer SFF2 format which is not yet supported by the YamJJazz engine. Note that you can find on the web free utilities to convert SFF2 files to SFF1 format.

For more details about SFF1 and SFF2 formats consult this page.

SFF1 support

JJazzLab is designed to host any kind of rhythm generation engines, and they must work with any kind of sound devices, not only the Yamaha keyboards. Therefore some specific SFF1 Yamaha style file features are not supported:

  • SysEx Midi messages: ignored.
  • Controller messages: ignored.
  • Per-variation sounds: ignored, YamJJazz uses the style’s default sounds for all variations.
  • Yamaha Mega Voices : non musical notes or sound effects (notes above C6) are ignored.
  • Pitch bend Midi messages : ignored.
  • OTS and MDB sections: ignored.