Midi Synths

If your sound device (e.g. a hardware synthesizer or some virtual instruments) has more sounds than the standard GM sounds, you might want to use these additional sounds with JJazzLab.

You always have the possibility to manually set the appropriate sound on each channel directly on your sound device, but this is not convenient.

A better approach is to add a Midi Synth definition file for your sound device. The file provides the device sound list, together with the Midi messages required to select each sound (bank select and program changes Midi messages). This way the device sound list will be available in all the JJazzLab instrument selection dialogs, for example to set the Default Instruments.

Midi Synths can be added in the Options/Instruments dialog: Add Midi Synth

Supported Midi Synth definition file formats

JJazzLab currently only supports the “Cakewalk Instruments Definition Files” (.ins).

JJazzLab ships with .ins files for a few existing harware synthesizers (e.g. Yamaha Motif, Korg X-50, …). If you don’t find an .ins file for your sound device, you can search the web or create your own (google “Cakewalk Instrument Definition File” for help).

Builtin Midi Synths

JJazzLab has 2 builtin Midi Synths:

GM Synth

It contains the standard GM(1) and GM2 banks.

The GM bank contains the 128 instruments defined by the standardized General Midi specification. Note that GM does not define a way to select a drums instrument because drums are expected to be on channel 10. This can cause issues when a rhythm needs more than 1 drums track, see Midi Configuration for more information.

The GM2 bank extends the GM bank with 128 additional sounds, and the possibility to select a drums sound on any Midi channel. You can pick sounds from this bank if your sound device is GM2 compatible -in this case we also recommend to set the Default Instruments for drums and percussion as a GM2 drums sound.

JJazz Synth

It contains the Default Instruments and NotSet special banks.

Select an instrument from the Default Instruments bank when you want to use the default instrument for a given cate.g. ory (drums, bass, …). You can set the real instrument behind each cate.g. ory, see Default Instruments for more information.

The NotSet bank only contains the “!NotSet!” program. When this program is used JJazzLab does not send any Midi message to select a sound (normally bank select and program change). In this case you need to manually set the appropriate sound directly on your sound device.