I like JJazzLab and want to keep it free, how can I help ?

  • Like the videos and subscribe the YouTube channel
  • Record a video of yourself playing along with JJazzLab: videos will be put on the JJazzLab YouTube channel. Insert a JJazzLab logo in the video.
  • Spread the word ! Talk and add links to www.jjazzlab.com on social networks, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Participate to the JJazzLab users forum
  • Add JJazzLab translations for your own language (contact me for how to this)

The documentation mentions a menu Tools/Options but I can’t find it on Mac OSX

On Mac OSX the Options dialog is accessed via the main menu JJazzLab/Preferences.

How to generate an audio file (.mp3, .wav, etc.) from a JJazzLab backing track ?

It’s easy on Windows if you use VirtualMIDISynth with the JJazzLab SoundFont: JJazzLab menu File/Export to Midi file, then use the VirtualMIDISynth MIDI converter to generate an audio file from the .mid file.

On Linux with FluidSynth: use the FluidSynth -F option to generate a .wav file.

If JJazzLab is connected to VST instruments: use your VST host (Cubase, etc.) to record the output of the VST instruments.

In general once you’ve exported the song as a .mid Midi file (menu File/Export as a Midi File) you can use any Midi-to-MP3 converter. There are free converters available on the web, some of them even work online. Note that these converters will probably not use the same sounds than JJazzLab.

Can I use JJazzLab like a virtual arranger keyboard, i.e. play the chords in real time on my keyboard to control JJazzLab ?

No you can’t, JJazzLab was not designed for this purpose.

How do I transpose a song ?

  • Select all the chord symbols (select a chord symbol then ctrl-A, or shift-click to another chord symbol)
  • Use the mouse-wheel, or right-click menu transpose

I don’t have administration privileges on my Windows computer, can I install JJazzLab ?

Yes. When first prompted by the JJazzLab installer, select “Install only for me”, then select an installation directory where you have write access (in My Documents for example).

I have a Yamaha arranger keyboard, can I use it with JJazzLab ?

Yes. In order to better use your keyboard sounds, go to the Output Synth configuration editor and apply the “Yamaha Tyros” preset.