What is JJazzLab?

JJazzLab is a Midi-based application which automatically generates backing tracks (a musical accompaniment) for any song. It’s a jam buddy to have fun improvising, learn new stuff or just practice your instrument. It’s also a great tool for teachers.

What makes JJazzLab different?

More dynamics and variations

JJazzlab rhythms can support many intensity and complexity variations. You can start a solo slowly and gradually build up the atmosphere, like with a real band.

Rhythmic accents

Use chord anticipations and rhythmic accents to underline the melody or spice up your arrangement.

Yamaha style files + YamJJazz extension files

JJazzLab can read most of the style files used by the Yamaha arranger keyboards (PSR family, Tyros 1 and 2). Benefit from hundreds of ready-to-use Yamaha styles available for free on the web.

JJazzLab also introduces YamJJazz extension files to add even more variations to a standard Yamaha style.

Built on an open-source modular platform

JJazzLab is built upon JJazzLab-X, the open-source platform dedicated to backing tracks generation. The modularity and openness of the platform makes it easy for developers to add new features or new rhythm generation engines.